Abigail is a star gazer and zumba instructor who believes in the magic of hummingbird vibrations. She recently tweeted this.

“It is better to sit alone than in company with the bad; and it is better still to sit with the good than alone.”

Are you confused? You shouldn’t be, because it makes perfect sense. See, when you’re a regular single person who works a job you hate to pay your bills and you do all your own shopping and are sometimes on public transportation without shades on, you don’t always get to pick and chose who you’re surrounded by. But there are other people like hot ass chicks who are never around anyone they don’t like for more than a few seconds. Often times it’s a safety precaution against creeps, but it’s also important for a hot girl to stay in a bubble of reassurance, because if she doesn’t, she might realize she’s not deep and explode in a puff of glitter. If Abby weren’t so right all the time, she might realize that the best way to find out if someone is good or bad is to be around them. My guess is that this quote was posted as a subliminal message to an ex-fuckbuddy or to some group of catty whores who Abby feels are trying to destroy her. The sequence of the sentence is confusing, yes. But it’d be like if I said it’s better to not drink at all than to drink beer, then liquor, then smoke weed and take xanax on an empty stomach, and better still to smoke weed first, then drink liquor, then end the night with beer to smooth it over. And see? I only know these valuable facts because I sit in company with the bad.



by the homie billionaire bell.

grand theft audio


i did this about a month ago with carl, jake and brant. my interview is about an hour in.

on repeat.

little dragon at the avalon on oct. 7th, who wanna go?


directed by johnny and dave.

laugh factory. aug 31st.


i don’t go here anymore because they threw me out. but jazzy jeff put on a clinic i must admit (watch around 5:30 when ?uest flips his shit).

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